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Feb 2

Do you know why I keep getting Syntax Error - Expected end of line, etc. but found “"”. i downloaded and installed Satimage. Thanks


I’m not sure - I would double check that you copied and pasted the entire AppleScript correctly (double click on it to select the text). When are you getting that error: when you go to run it, or when you go to compile the AppleScript?

Tumblr+ on Mavericks

I’ve set up a VMWare VM for Mavericks until I upgrade my computer, and was able to use the Markdown tools and also the Templates provided by Tumblr+. If someone could please give me more information to figure out what isn’t working for you, I’d appreciate it.

Jan 3

your share on tumblr safari extension isn't working with Safari 7.0.1 and OS X 10.9.1

I’ve heard other reports of not working on Mavericks as well. I will take a look as soon as I have time. You can follow the issue’s ticket on GitHub.

Hand Brake on Mavericks. In HandBrake I've made a custom preset & I made it the default preset within Hand Brake. How would the Apple Script read to select the default preset? AppleScript: set defaultPreset to default


Unfortunately, the command line interface only supports the built-in presets. To use your own, you would need to specify all of the options that make up the preset as flags. If you want to do it that way, the official CLIGuide will be your best friend.

I'm using your Handbrake setup, what I'd like to do is set it up to automatically run every day at 8am and delete the files it's encoded. The input folder is /Movies/Torrents/, the output folder is /Documents/Vita/. Also, for some reason the services menu isn't showing up in OSX Mavericks :(


It’s just a script, so you should be able to schedule it using the information in [Running AppleScripts from Automator]( Deleting the original file once it’s done [is not too hard](, either.

That sucks with Mavericks. Once I upgrade I’ll figure out what’s required and write a post.

I really appreciate your script/service for converting a list of files with Handbrake. Easy to follow and clear instructions made it a simple task. However, I could not get the service to work at first. I selected a list of files and ran the service and ... nothing. For some reason, restarting my Mac Pro solved the problem. Maybe it could not find the newly added CLI in the applications folder? Anyway, Love it!


That’s weird. I’m glad a restart solved it, though.

Thanks for "Using Handbrake on a list of files" works good \o/


You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it!

Hi there, thank you for sharing the very useful and clever script you wrote for Creating OmniFocus tasks from iCal events. Is there any way to "encourage" you to modify this script to include events from any number of days...rather, than just "today"? It would be fine if the script user sets the number of days in the AppleScript Editor. Also, it would be nice if all the Event properties were imported rather than just - event name, notes, start tiem/end time. I would pay you for this work.


I’m always open to making my scripts better through feature requests and bug reports. The best way to make a request is through the Issues page of the AppleScripts GitHub project.

Your request would be a little difficult, but not unreasonably so. I designed the script to be run once every morning, so if it imported events for multiple days every morning, you would need to have it ignore events that were already added on a previous day (possibly by adding a comment to the event or something like that). And regarding the other part of your request, which properties would you like to see imported, and how would you like them shown in your tasks? As a list of values in the comments field like so?

Location: Starbucks


Invitees: Tom, Dick, Harry

Regarding payment, I don’t plan on writing scripts for hire at this point, but if you find my work helpful, donations are always welcome via the PayPal link in my sidebar.

Jul 7

No question here - just a big thank you for your Handbrake Automation script.... THANKS. :-)


You’re welcome! You can find a full collection of my various AppleScripts and Automator Service scripts on the new AppleScripts GitHub repository I created.

Hello, I am trying to make a Tag Cloud in my site, the same as you have here in Tumblr... tried thorough Pages first but the problem is to add the tags! I can not find the way... could you help? Thank you in advance :)

Much as a rain cloud is composed of individual drops of moisture, a tag cloud is composed of individual tags in your posts (pictured below). The idea of a tag cloud is to generate links to the posts you’ve given particular tags to, and to visually represent the tags you blog about most frequently.

Tagged Post

Once you’ve tagged your posts, the next step is to add the HTML and Javascript to your blog that will find the tags in all of your posts and make a cloud of them. You can do this on a separate page, as you mentioned, or you could also add it to your main page’s template with the Edit HTML button (like I did).

The tag cloud I use requires almost no code of my own, which you can see below. The <script>1 line is the actual cloud itself, the rest is styling to make it blend in with the rest of my sidebar (adding a caption to it, and setting the style). The minsize and maxsize specify the size it’ll take up.

I’m tagging this post, for instance, with technical, code, web, and html, which you can see below. I hope this helps.

  1. I had to change the type attribute to stop Tumblr from actually running the Javascript, so remove the space to get it to work on your own site.